Why did the Penguin get away with robbing the Gotham City Central Bank?

Because Batman doesn’t go downtown.

I don't know why the villains of Gotham City can't prevent Batman.

The answer is apparent.

What is it called when Batman abandons Gotham city?

Christian Bale.

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Superman is Horny

Superman was horny one day as he's flying around.

He sees Batman and flies up to him and starts chatting him up.

>Superman "So Batman, you wanna go look for some pussy tonight?"

>Batman "Sorry Supe, Commissioner Gordon wants to meet with me tonight to discuss some of the c...

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It's a slow day of crime in Metropolis...

...and Superman is bored to tears. So he decides to fly over to Gotham City to see what Batman is up to. He gets to the Batcave to find the Dark Knight underneath the Batmobile.
"Hey, Bruce," he says. "Whatcha up to today? Wanna get a couple beers, maybe watch the game?"
"Sorry man, I can't," ...

Poison ivy and harley quinn

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn decide have their mind set on robbing Gotham City Bank. "Now, remember the plan," Poison Ivy tells Harley. "Yeah, yeah, no problem!" She says, and walks into the bank. Ivy waits in the getaway car. Time passes by ten minutes...Ivy starts getting worried...fifteen minutes....

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Superman and Batman hanging out

Superman was wrapping things up with the very last bad guys still in Metropolis. After that was done he realised he had nothing else to do, so he decided to go and visit Batman.
So Superman flies over to Gotham City at super-speed, over to the Batcave to chill with Batman. Batman also has Gotha...

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