I’ve been a follower of r/jokes for a long time so here are some of my favorite ones:

One, uno, eins, un.

What do you call a disease with many followers?


What religion do baby cows follower?

They are calfolic
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Almost immediately after making my first joke here, I got a brand new follower!

I was very excited, so I went to their profile. I think they're a new account, they only have one post, and when I clicked on the link in the post, it took me to a site that immediately asked if I was over 18

I guess my joke was a little immature, sure, but there's gotta be nicer ways of sayi...

Some asked me if 5 followers was alot

I said depends on your context to be honest you see 5 followers on Facebook is next to nothing but 5 people following you down a dark alley….

Well that’s a lot

It was on this day in 1978 that cult leader Jim Jones carried out a mass murder/suicide of over 900 of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana. Horrifying. There's a joke about it but it's wildly innappriopriate.

And anyway, the punchline's too long.

Is 3 followers a lot?

On Instagram? No. In a dark forest? Yes.

How to get 10 million followers instantly

Take a water bottle and run through Africa

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