What do you call an exhibitionist suicide bomber?

A flash bang

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An Exhibitionist walks into a bar

An Exhibitionist walks into a bar and starts having passionate sex with another customer. The bartender walks over and interrupts the two.

Bartender: “You can’t have sex in public.”

Exhibitionist: “Watch me.”

An exhibitionist exposed himself to 3 old ladies sitting on a park bench.

The first old lady immediately had a stroke.

The second old lady tried to ignore it but ended up having a stroke.

The third old lady decided she'd show some restraint and wouldn't touch it.

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What did the chef say to the exhibitionist?

Boner petit

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An exhibitionist cross path with a 6 yo girl on her way to school.

He asks the little girl "Hey, honey, do you know what a phallus is ?"

"No mister, I've never heard of it"

He then gets his raincoat wide open, revealing the erected object and starting to laugh frantically "It's this ! hahahahaha"

To which the child answers "Oh I see, it's like ...

Did you hear the one about the dude who married an exhibitionist?

He saw his wife flash before his eyes.

An exhibitionist is walking through a park

and sees two old ladies sitting on a bench talking to each other so he sneaks up to the bench from the side and flashes them. The one sitting closest to him had a stroke, but the other one just couldn't reach

Two nuns met a exhibitionist. One had a stroke.

The other one just watched it.

Why is there no such thing as an epileptic exhibitionist?

Because flashing gives them seizures.

My psychiatrist said my exhibitionist disorder was incurable.

I'll show her.

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