lowerweakenget downdejectdiminishdeflatedemoralizedismaycast downdampenerodeoutpaceplummetslowsconstrain

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I just got done watching a show with unlikable characters, bullshit plot developments, and a depressing ending.

It's called "The News."

What do you call a depressing tale about a discontinued car?

A Saab Story.

what's the most depressing place to live in America?


I don't carry a donor card

I find it depressing enough the amount of women who've rejected my organ whilst I'm alive

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Bless my dad, he would've been celebrating his 70th birthday today.

If he wasn't such a depressing bastard.

I told my girl I love you.

She said I love U2. That was kind of depressing. She's talking about music at this vulnerable moment. So I broke up with her.

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I know a mortician....

He says it is depressing but the sex is great!

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