This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Knight, a Samurai, and a Viking are lost in a desert.

They see someone in the distance, and as they draw closer, they realise it's a buck naked woman in a crusader's helmet with a samurai sword on her back.

The knight exclaims, "Look at her helm. Surely she is of my people! "

The samurai says "Nay! See the sword. She is obviously from Ja...

What do you call a Crusader that smokes weed?

A *High* Templar

A Crusader Walks Into A Bar

The bartender walks up and asks him "What will you take?"

Crusader: "JERUSALEM"

Where did the Crusaders keep their belongings?

In a Deus Vault.

Why do Crusaders need kitchen sinks?

To wash their Saladin.

What do you call a low rank crusader (or European idc)?

A euroPEON

Kill me pls

What's a crusader's favourite drink?

A Teu-tonic.

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