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What do you call a hardened criminal from Crete?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

There once was a man named Jerome

There once was a man named Jerome

Who liked to jerk off when not home

He once pulled his meat

From London to Crete

And didn't switch hands until Rome.

According to Hesiod version, Orion was likely the son of the sea-god Poseidon and Euryale.

Orion could walk on the waves because of his father; he walked to the island of Chios where he got drunk and attacked Merope, daughter of Oenopion, the ruler there. In vengeance, Oenopion blinded Orion and drove him away. Orion stumbled to Lemnos where Hephaestus—the smith-god—had his forge. Hephaes...

Did you hear about the Greek bricklayer who lied a lot?

He would always con Crete.

Joke from my neighbour, Slade.

What do you call a sidewalk that swindles you out of your money?


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