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Alexa, I am feeling that I want to have sex.

Alexa :
Most certainly... Don't worry. I am dimming the lights. Setting your AC to 22 C degrees.

The Viagra is kept on the top right shelf of your wardrobe. The gel is kept next to it.

I have hired your favorite Thai masseuse. She is just 12 minutes away as per her Uber ride status....

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man sails to visit a remote part on the coast of Ireland.

As he comes close to the harbor, he sees an enormous, absolutely gorgeous Barque, docked in its own reserved spot. He ogles it for a minute, before docking himself and running through his checklist of things to finish before he can leave his vessel.

He finishes, gets all his things, and goes...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

There's a bizarre black-market concession stand in North America which sells only human body parts

Customers who wish to purchase an item must use code-phrases to avoid the authorities' suspicion.

One night a blind man stops by the stand.

"What would you like to purchase today?" asks the cashier.

"Oh, nothing" the blind man says, "I was just *looking* around!"

An few h...

Threw a party with my friend!

It was amazing!

First, we had to get some cool costumes, and I must say, as far as service goes, it was amazing! We left the place as quickly as we came in, each with a really cool costume- no waiting at all.

Secondly, we went out to get some snacks for the party, just your usual stuff...

Getting into Heaven: what's the worst thing you've done?

These 3 guys have died and are waiting to get into heaven, and St. Peter has his checklist, marking off items to see if they can pass though the pearly gates.

Peter asks the first one, "What's the worst thing you did during your life?" and the guy answers, "Well, once I cheated on my wife....

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