Why do exterminators make for good programmers?

They're experts in debugging!

If lawyers are disbarred and priests are defrocked, then...

Electricians are delighted

Corpses are decrypted

Cowboys are deranged

Models are deposed

Underwear models are debriefed

Dry cleaners are depressed, decreased and depleted

Jilted women are debrided

HVAC technicians are deducted

Tennis linemen ar...

A programmer wants to try stand up.

A programmer wants to try stand up. So he practices for a while and goes to comedy clubs and learns for a while. Then one day he decided will be doing a show. While performing, he will tell a joke and no one laughs and then he will go back the the start of joke a changes a bit and tells it again, yo...

I like your friend...

- Hey, I like your friend, the girl with the black hair...
- She is married!
- Oh I didn't mean her, the other one, more brown than black.
- She got proposed 2 weeks ago!
- So, what are your plans for tonight?

It's 01:05, I can't sleep and I can't debug one dumb part of ...

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