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What do you call it when a worm catcalls another worm?

Asexual harassment.

I got catcalled today.

I am impressed Mr. Whiskers has learned to use a phone.

I used to catcall a Chinese girl every day.

She was my flatmate, her name was Miao Miao.
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This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Who in Middle Earth (OC AFAIK)

The drummer from The Who exposed his buttocks while visiting Middle Earth, causing Treebeard to catcall.

Basically, Keith's moon caused an ent whistle.

I got catcalled by the garbagemen outside my house this morning...

They know a good piece of trash when they see one.

Why do most cats not respond to us calling them?

Because essentially we are catcalling them.

Why was the kitten fired from his telemarketing job?

For Catcalling

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