I'm trying to avoid carcinogens...

asbestos I can...

It's difficult to explain the carcinogenic siding on my house.

But I can try asbestos I can.

A carcinogen wins an award

for most deaths caused in a year. When asked what his secret is he replies, “honestly, I just tried asbestos I could.”

A client told me he had some questions about carcinogens in his home

I told him I’d answer asbestos I can

I found carcinogenic pieces of flooring around my house

I try to clean them out asbestos I can

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man walks into..

A man walks into a smoke shop, and notices a jar of loosies on the counter. “My god!” He says, “I didn’t know they still sold them like that. How much are they?”

The cashier hesitates a moment, and then tells the customer that he doesn’t know. It’s his first day on the job, see, and the mana...

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