What's the only thing worse than asbestos?


Whats the best part of an asbestos smoothie?

The fiber.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asbestos

My grandfather worked around asbestos for 60 years and never developed any health issues. It did take 3 straight days to cremate him, but that's besides the point.

I'm trying to avoid carcinogens...

asbestos I can...

My Gran died of asbestosis.

It was terrible, it took us four months to cremate her.

It's difficult to explain the carcinogenic siding on my house.

But I can try asbestos I can.

Have you heard about the lawyer that lost the mesothelioma case?!

He tried asbestos he could

I'm a 50s roofer...

I did the job asbestos I could.

What did the mesothelioma patient say to his doctor?

“I’m breathing asbestos I can!”

A carcinogen wins an award

for most deaths caused in a year. When asked what his secret is he replies, “honestly, I just tried asbestos I could.”

How is the 85 year old Contractor that survived lung cancer doing?

Asbestos he can.

I'm so sorry.

We shouldn't be too hard on people who use toxic building materials.

They did asbestos they could.

How do you handle hazardous materials?

Asbestos you can

A client told me he had some questions about carcinogens in his home

I told him I’d answer asbestos I can

So a mesothelioma patient competed in the Olympics last year

She didn't win anything, but she did asbestos she could.

I told my friend with mesothelioma to get well soon.

He told me he was trying asbestos he could.

I found carcinogenic pieces of flooring around my house

I try to clean them out asbestos I can

I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma

it's tough sometimes, but I'm doing asbestos I can.

I feel bad for old buildings that are about to get torn down.

They’re working asbestos they can :(

My grandfather died of asbestosis.

Took 6 months to cremate him.

This works better in person when you get the other person believing you first.

My grandpa just died of lung cancer...

He fought it asbestos he could.

I made a donation to mesothelioma research.

They're kinda limited on funding and doing asbestos they can.

Old fire fighters never quit

They just do asbestos they can.

My safety supervisor asked me why I wasn't done filing the hazardous material documents...

I told him I was doing asbestos I can

Some people passed away from toxic fumes in the apartments I constructed.

I was just making the ceilings asbestos I could.

Why did people use insulation containing deadly toxins?

It was asbestos they could do at the time!

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