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Most YouTube ads are only unskippable for 5 seconds, so they try to cram something surprising + the brand name in the first 5 seconds of the ad.

Hence you get ads that are basically Samuel L. Jackson screaming "Capital One, mothafucka!"

A Jewish Coffee brand named...

Hebrews It

The William Shatner wanted to start up a line of female underwear.

Unfortunately "Shatner Panties" wasnt the greatest brand name.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A reverend's wife walks into a butcher shop.

She knows that her husband will be entertaining some pretty important members of their congregation for dinner, and she wants only the finest food. She asks the butcher what he would personally recommend, to which he replies "Well ma'am, I would have some Dam Ham." The reverend's wife, a simple lady...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A fresh off the boat Indian immigrant goes to Wallmart to buy some toilet paper

Arriving to the store, he walks to an employee and tells him "Hello sir, I have recently arrived in America with just the shirt on my back and not so much money. I need to buy toilet paper but I can't afford luxuries".

The employee replies "Well listen here friend, I have this ExtraSoft for $...

THAT DAMN HAM::A preacher's wife goes to the butcher.

A preacher's wife goes to the butcher.

The butcher asks if she'd like to try some damn ham.

The preacher's wife is shocked. The butcher explains that "Dam Ham" is the brand name of the meat and shows her the packaging with the beaver and dam logo.

That night, the preacher asks, ...

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