What was the codename for the transition from Obama to Trump?

Orange is the new black

Mission Codename: Fetus

Status: Aborted

Every president has a secret service codename.

The current president is “Mogul”. I looked it up.
Mogul: a member of the Muslim dynasty of Mongol origin
Nope, that can’t be it, unless he’s a total self-hater. Try alternate definition:
Mogul: In downhill skiing, an ice-cold lump; an extremely dense obstacle to human progress, a destabil...

What codename does the CIA give to all of their sleeper agents?

Justin Case.

Adobe released a new digital ruler today. It's a bit short though, so they codenamed it...

Napoleon, because it's a short ruler.

No, seriously: http://xdce.adobe.com/mighty/

Covert Russian Cameras Discovered In High Profile US Officials' Restroom Facilities

The cameras were disassembled, and found to be of Russian origin. Upon further investigation, they are found to be part of a Russian espionage/blackmail program, codenamed 'Operation VCUP'.

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