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Sometimes I'll ask my blind friend "Can you tell me what this says? It's in braille and I don't understand it" and then hand him a Lego.

Apparently all Legos say "Fuck you, dude!"

Imagine asking a blind girl out in braille

and she leaves you on felt

What do you call a story written in Braille?

A touching story.

It was easy for me to learn braille

Once I got a feel for it.

I'm reading a horror story in braille. Something bad is going to happen,

I can just feel it.

What did Louis Braille say after he injured his eye with an awl?


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I don't like braille porn

It's all fingering.


I once told a girl that her acne was so bad that it reminded me of Braille. I could tell she wasn't impressed, it was written all over her face.

Is there some way to describe reading Braille incorrectly?

The words are right on the tip of my tongue.

The scariest warning that you can read in braille

"Poisonous surface, do not touch"

Learning to read Braille with my index finger hasn't been easy so far

In fact, it's been a pretty bumpy ride

Guys I was gonna make a Braille joke but,

It’s a pretty touchy subject.

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I once stole a pornographic book that was printed in braille.

I used to rub the dirty parts.

My blind friend decided Braille wasn't for him.

He just wasn't feeling it.

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What does a blind man say when he listens to Braille music for the first time?

This shit bumps!

Did you hear about the diss that was written in braille?

The guy really felt that

A long time ago, I had a job where I translated pre-classical Greek literature into Braille.

It feels like ancient history.

Have you ever wondered if zits are just God trying to speak to you in Braille?

Mine say, "Nobody will ever love you."

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A blind man walks into a restaurant

The waiter notices that he's blind and says "Would you like me to get you the braille menu sir?"

The blind man says "No, thank you. Just bring me one of your dirty forks and I'll decide what I want." So the waiter does that and the blind man smells it and says "Yes, I'd like the roasted lamb ...

They're about to release a braille movie

They're about to release a braille movie, it's tipped to win the best "feel good" movie of the year.

I asked my father what it was like learning Braille, but he didn't want to tell me.

I didn't realize it was such a touchy subject.

Did you hear about the blind amputee who realized Braille wasn't for him?

He just wasn't feeling it.

But seriously, he was just out of touch.

What do you call the braille version of Portuguese?


Here's something you'll never see in braille...

"If you see something, say something."

[Possible OC] What's the worst thing to write in Braille?

Caution hot surface

I read another horror story in braille.

Some of the words were worn off and I could tell something bad was going to happen, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Braille Satan

Evil lumps

What does a blind Eminem fan say when they notice a typo in braille?

"Something is wrong, I can feel it."

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I just asked my blind roommate to tell me what something said in Braille,

I didn't realize a lego brick said "Fuck You"

Reading Braille is actually really easy.

I could do it with my eyes closed.

Did you know there's only 25 letters in the Braille alphabet?

They can't c.

Have you ever seen a blind person reading braille in public?

Neither have they

Louise Braille walked into a bar...

Then a table, and then a chair.

How do blind people know where to find Braille signs on walls and doors?

They just have a feel for that kind of thing.

I wrote a book titled ‘Do Not Touch’.

Sales have done very well, except for the Braille prints.

It’s so rude to insult someone in Braille.

Just think about how it makes them feel.

I have a bumper sticker in Braille

If you can read this, you're driving too close.

Have you ever been to the Braille superstore?

They've got products you've never seen before.

I know there's something wrong with my braille book...

but I can't quite put my finger on it.

I just learned how to read Braille

I was always unsure, is it “Bray-eel-ay”? Maybe it’s “Brah-el”?

I just found out earlier it’s “Brale”

The more you know...

I went to braille school but quit after one day.

I really wasn't feeling it.

They've announced who will be playing the lead in the new Blind Batman film.

It's Christian Braille

Today I learned how to read Braille.

It might look intimidating at first, but once you get a feel for it it's pretty easy.

I had a hard time learning to read the word "yoyo" in Braille.

I can't put my finger on y...

I'm going to read braille to the deaf...

For the ASL competition.

In awkward situations I'll sometimes break out my braille version of Calvin and Hobbes.

You know - comic relief.

What's a blind child's favorite meal ?

Braille soup.

Slogan idea for a Braille company

Loads of high quality Braille products,
many of which you've never seen before!

A woman was working at a lingerie counter when a customer approached with a pair of frilly panties.

"I'd like to buy these," she said, "but only if you can embroider 'If you can read this, you're too close' on the back."
So the saleswoman took the panties to the tailor in the backroom and described the rather unusual request.
The tailor said, "I can do that. Does she want block letters or ...

What are the bumps around a nipple?

Braille for "please suck here"

Why do aerolas have dots on them?

It's written "suck here" in braille

Where did Helen Keller work all the live long day?

The braille road

All languages travel at the speed of sound

Except Braille, which depends on how hard you throw the book.

Last night I dated a blind woman

At one point she ran her hands over my cheeks and mistook my acne for braille. Boy, was my face read.

If love is blind...

... lingerie makes great braille

There was a young lady.

There was a young lady from Yale,
who offered her body for sale.
To be kind to the blind,
she engraved her behind,
with detailed instructions in braille!

*Hits blunt*

Isn’t hail just rain in Braille?

President Donald Trump is great at reading female body language

Too bad he reads it in braille.

A blind man is arrested for a crime he insists he could not have committed, as he was busy reading at the time.

He has been released on braille.

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They asked me to organise a karaoke night for the blind

One of the songs I included was 'I Can See For Miles' by The Who, but the participants weren't really feeling the lyrics.

Mainly because I forgot to get the braille version.

To some people, the words "Do Not Touch" leave them terrified

Especially when it's written in Braille.

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There was a young barmaid...

There was a young barmaid from Sail,
On her breasts were the prices of ale,
And on her behind
For the sake of the blind;
Was the same information in braille.

A blind man and a girl

A blind man and a girl was making out. The man’s hand wandered in the girl’s bra and touched her nipples. Suddenly the blind man took the bra off and sucked her nipples real hard.

Moaning the girl asked - how did you know it was begging to get sucked.

The blind man replied - oh! I know...

A guy walks up to a bar.....

Bouncer- "can I see your I.D.?"
Guy-"I hope so, they don't make them in braille!"

I'll see myself out.

The person who created the sign "CAUTION HOT SURFACE"... braille, was an evil genius.

Why did the blind man get arrested?

He read a sign that said “don’t touch” in braille.

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