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What does Bill Cosby’s penis look like?


Whats Bill Cosbys favorite disney character?

Sleeping beauty

My girlfriend had dinner with Bill Cosby last night

He bought the food she covered the drinks.

How did bill Cosby celebrate after getting out of jail

He went to a bar and bought everyone drinks

What’s the difference between Bill Cosby and a tiny fencing sword?

One is a little rapier

What did the woman say to Bill Cosby on their second date?

"Nice to meet you."

Bill Cosby was a great comedian...

even his drinks tasted funny.

My girlfriend started reading Bill Cosby's biography...

But it put her to sleep.

What does Bill Cosby and a dentist have in common?

They knock you out before they drill your cavity.

What do you call it when Bill Cosby attacks an immigrant?

Alien vs. Predator

What cologne does Bill Cosby wear?


Why does bill Cosby like fliers

Because their passed out

Why did Bill Cosby get hit with contempt of court?

He was accused of quaaluding with the jury.

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What do Bill Cosby and Freddy Krueger have in common?

Once you fall asleep, you’re fucked.

So Bill Cosby was released from prison, and now I hear he's getting his own television show?

Women Say the Darndest Things.

Bill Cosby and a surgeon have a lot in common

For example, they both want the person that they are inside to be unconscious

What do Bill Cosby and Santa Claus have in common?

You have to be asleep before they can slide down the chimney

Bill Cosby enters in a bar ...

... i don't know what happens next because I suddenly woke up in a motel's room.

Bill Cosby

University of Michigan is pleased to announce a gift from the Cosby family for the new school to be names in his honor.

The Sleep Studies Center for women.

I wrote a Bill Cosby joke

But I never wanted it to get released.

So Bill Cosby gets off.

This time without barbiturates.

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Why does Bill Cosby cry during sex?

Pepper spray.

Bill Cosby walks out of prison...

..and gets on a bus, and rides it to a long rock wall. Next to a big oak, he finds a letter.

He follows it to Mexico, where he finds Jeffrey Epstein working on his boat.

Cardi B and Bill Cosby walk into a bar...

I don’t remember the rest.

What do Sigmund Freud and Bill Cosby have in common?

They both explored the unconscious.

Did you hear Bill Cosby’s publishing a memoir?

It’s titled “the Coma Sutra.”

Some people are suggesting that Bill Cosby should have his honourary doctorate taken away.

But the man successfully anesthetized over 50 women, countless times. If anything he has done more to earn the title ”doctor" than ever before.

What do you call movie night at Bill Cosby's house?

Netflix and pill

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Bill Cosby's pick up line...

"are we fucking or am I fucking?"

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Why was Bill Cosby the perfect spokesman for Jello Pudding?

Because he loved pudding....pudding his dick where it didn't belong.

Bill Cosby would have been totally cleared..

had he run for President

My Bill Cosby impression isn’t that entertaining.

It puts everyone to sleep.

We had a Bill Cosby thunderstorm recently

The kind that comes while you're asleep

If Bill Cosby is America's dad...

Does that make him Canada's creepy uncle?

A 22 rifle is a Lot like Bill Cosby

A Lot of people grew up with it without knowing What it coud do to a person in close quarters

Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby are chatting...

Cosby: Have you ever had a cigar dipped in brandy?

Clinton: No, but I once had a cigar dipped in Monica.

Cosby: Now, why didn't I think of that...

Bill Cosby's lawyer fell asleep during testimony...

Apparently he and Bill had a lunch date earlier.

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I heard Bill Cosby made a sex tape....

Twice as strong as duct tape.

Garrison Keillor is twice the entertainer that Bill Cosby is.

Keillor even puts the men to sleep.

Unpopular opinion: I always liked Bill Cosby

He rubbed my sister the wrong way though

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I would rather have Bill Cosby as President than Donald Trump..

because if America is gonna get fucked for 4 years I wanna be asleep when it happens.

Jell-o has officially cut all ties with Bill Cosby.

They said the proof was in the pudding.

I went to meet Bill Cosby and Clark Gable for a drink...

I forget the rest of the story...

What did Bill Cosby do for Single moms on Mother’s Day?

I tried asking them but they couldn’t remember

Who is the odd one out between.... Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, Bill Cosby and the tooth fairy?

The Easter bunny, the rest only come when you are sleeping.

Why is Bill Cosby like the The Wizard of Oz?

Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby cos, because of the wonderful things he drugs

Bill Cosby jokes are perfect for reposting

No one remembers their first time hearing them

Who would win in a fight between Bill Cosby and Cardi B?

Whoever drank last.

What do you call Bill Cosby when he gets moved to gen. pop.?

Fill Cosby

Bill Cosby may have been convicted, sentenced to prison, and end up bankrupt...

But at least he'll always have a roofie over his head.

Bill Cosby told me a funny joke last night.

But I can't remember it.

What does Bill Cosby do when he can't sleep at night?

He finishes her drink

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I suspected my wife cheated on me at a Bill Cosby's house party last night...

"No, I didn't have sex with Bill Cosby"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure I'd remember having sex with Bill Cosby!"

Bill Cosby was one of the greatest boxers...

He got 20 ko's and didn't even fight!

I wish Bill Cosby was president

It would really help me sleep at night

Apparently Bill Cosby is getting pudding with his first meal in prison.

He's finally receiving his just desserts.

The good news for Bill Cosby... that a lot of prisons serve Jello.

This Election Day will be like a dinner date with Bill Cosby.

When you wake up, you just know something bad happened.

What did Bill Cosby say when he was in a bar and he accidentally slipped a pill into one of those drinks you light on fire and then the bartender lit it on fire?

The roof', the roof', the roofies on fire!

What do mitochondria, Bill Cosby, and my friend Clint all have in common?

They're all incels.

Is it too soon for Bill Cosby jokes?

Yeah, best to avoid Cosby punch lines.

Do you think Bill Cosby used "Kids say the darndest things" at any point in his defense?

The title is the whole joke. It’s probably been said in one way shape or form but I think it’s funny.

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What's the difference between pudding pops and bill Cosbys dick?

It's consensual when people eat pudding pops.

How is a Bill Cosby better than Ronda Rousey?

He's never met a woman he hasn't knocked out.

In deference to his fame, Bill Cosby was jailed under a pseudonym.

There he is only known as 'Ben Dover'.

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Sex with Bill Cosby is like watching Ghost Dad.

You'll fall asleep two minutes in, and won't want to admit it happened for the next 30 years.

My mom never liked Bill Cosby's jokes.

She says they put her to sleep.

Do you remember that time you met Bill Cosby?


Add another one to the list!

I want to tell you all what a great time I had partying with Bill Cosby back in the day..

But all of a sudden I can't seem to remember what happened

Yale is rescinding Bill Cosby’s honorary degree.

He still has his Doctorate of Applied Pharmaceuticals to fall back on.

What kind of car does Bill Cosby drive?

A Honda quaalude. (Credit to my girlfriend)

Bill Cosby likes his women like he likes his town cars...

Blacked out

Bill Cosby, Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein walk into a bar

Harvey says, "Hey Bill, buy me a drink!"
Bill shouts back, "I don't know what role you're trying to offer me, but let's not involve Weiner..."

Your mama is so ugly that when she met Bill Cosby

he made her espresso.

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A prison guard gives Bill Cosby and opportunity...

After several brutal years in prison, Bill Cosby is approached by a prison guard who presents him with what seems like a great opportunity.

"Bill," he says, "you've demonstrated good behavior in here for the past couple years despite all the harassment from the other inmates. I know it must n...

Why is Bill Cosby so good at Fantasy drafts?

He always nails the sleepers

So Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and Bill Nye all walk into a bar...

They all finish their drinks and Nye says to the lady behind the bar I'll cover the tab these two will give you their tips.

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a 3 year old is a lot like bill cosby

When you Wake up from a nap and they're naked, doing a bunch of shit you dont like

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Bill Cosby went hunting

Bill Cosby went hunting in the mountains with his banker and lawyer, but their car broke down on the return trip. While hiking back to civilization, they came across a very small farmhouse, and asked to use the phone. The local towing company couldn't do anything until the next day, but the farmer g...

Bill Cosby's defense rested after 6 minutes into the trial.

I guess they drank his Kool-Aid.

Bill Cosby was actually gonna be in a Marvel movie

He was gonna play Sandman.

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