What do you call it when meeting up with people from dating apps?

Playing with matches.

So china is making phones without Google apps now

Guess it was always my way or the huawei

*i'm so sorry, I tried*

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

On Tinder and similar apps, girls keep asking me about my height

Are we sure these girls wanna fuck or are they basketball scouts?

A husband and wife are doing a crossword puzzle.

Husband: Programs for mobile devices. 4 letters

Wife: Apps

Husband: Adolescent, 4 letters

Wife: Teen

Husband: Contraction meaning failed to perform, 5 letters

Wife: Didn't

Husband: Take a life, 4 letters

Wife: Kill

Husband: Religious songs, 5 l...

What my jokes have in common with food bought from apps?

They're good but poorly delivered.

Dating apps...

Make me realize how shallow everybody else is and how boring I truly am.

If you're having trouble starting conversations with girls on dating apps,

Try cocaine, it's usually a pretty reliable pick up line.

She was a gentle custodian of money made from dating apps

A tender tender of Tinder tender

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Those be calm and listen to rain apps are terrible....

I just put the Amazon rainforest on and I thought the fucking house was on fire.

What’s Thanos favorite app


After recently getting into dating apps I came to the conclusion that Tinder is a lot like Little Caesars...

if you want it hot and ready, you're gonna have to take a hit on quality

Friend: Bro, you have over 300 apps on your phone wtf?!?!?

Me: Yeah i have an appidemic...

Which dating apps do priests prefer to use?


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