An amnesiac walks into a bar...

He goes up to a beautiful blonde and says, “So, do I come here often?”

An amnesiac walks into a hospitality

He shakes the doctors hand and says,

“Doctor Doctor I think I’m an..”

“Amnesiac?” interrupts the doctor.

“However did you know?”

“You’ve been shaking my hand for the past ten minutes

What's the difference between a masochist and an amnesiac?

Beats me, I don't know.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An amnesiac is introduced to his new Asian therapist. [LONG]

"Hello", says the Asian man, "My name is Wa-ching Yuu." The amnesiac speaks up, "I am not good with names, but I will try to remember." The man then takes a deep breath, and follows with "Oh dear," says the man, "I've forgotten your name..." The therapist reminds the man of his name and the man move...

An amnesiac walks into a bar...

So he sits down next to a smoking hot blonde, and orders a scotch on the rocks. He then turns to the blonde and says, "So, do I come here often?"

A amnesiac woman covered in bruises walks into a police station...

A amnesiac woman covered in bruises walks into a police station. The police are trying everything to learn where she came from and how she got the bruises but with no results.

Finally one of the detectives notices she has a wedding ring.

"Oh! You have a husband! What does he do?" ...

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

In which case, there sure are a lot of amnesiacs on this subreddit.

Sometimes, I think I'm the only member of my family not doped up on prescription drugs all the time.

Then I usually take my amnesiac meds.

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