Half my coworkers are imposters

They pretend to do the tasks and sabotage everything.

Why was the Imposter so frustrated?

He just needed to vent

I often tell people I have Imposter Syndrome

But I'm sure they can tell I'm lying.

A patient once told me that he had imposter syndrome.

I told him he was just faking it.

What music artist is always accused of being imposter in Among Us?

Dr. Sus

What did the imposter clown say when he was arrested inside the House of Lords?

“The real joker’s in the Commons.”

What does an imposter potato say?

“I’m a tater”

What does a Snoop Dogg imposter say?

Faux shizzle my nizzle

I met my town's bishop at Easter mass today but I think he might be an imposter...

... he didn't move diagonally

Bernie Sanders is like...

the guy in Among us who finds the imposter but no one listens to him.

Three nuns were fatally injured in a horrific auto accident on Halloween night.

Being the holy women that they were, the three of them ascended into heaven.

The nuns were stopped at the gates of St Peter.

St Peter said to the nuns “Behold! The gates of your eternal kingdom & glory. Being Halloween night, I must ask each of you a biblical question which will pr...

What do you call a fake postman?

An imposter

If Jesus appears to you...

Ask him to bevel-cut a jack rafter onto a door header. If he doesn't know what you mean, that's an imposter Jesus.

What do you call a child's Pokemon team consisting of 6 EV trained Dittos?

A Youngster's Roster of Fostered Imposters

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