What’s a YouTuber side job?


What do you call a werewolf YouTuber?

A lycansubscribe

Two Philosophers and a YouTuber Meet in the Dead of Night to Discuss their Darkest Secrets

They begin by releasing their darkest secrets in exchange for more secrets. After each of them let out their darkest secrets, the YouTuber asks for a break.

The philosophers tell him that he can take a break, so the YouTuber wanders off while the philosophers remain at the table. With just th...

What do you call it when a Mexican youtuber does a video talking about a subject?

A video ese

What’s a YouTuber’s favorite type of moss?

The lichensubscribe!

Why can't you tell a Knock Knock joke to a Youtuber?

Cause he'll ask you to subscribe to the bell icon!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

When I have sex I am like a YouTuber...

I strive to reach 10 minutes

What do you call a group of reactors?


Believe it or not, Satan took a shot at being a YouTuber

His channel got loads views

Too bad he didn't make a penny though

The channel got demonetized

What happened to the occultist YouTuber?

His account was demon-itized.

I think that YouTubers have to be put in jail

I mean, seriously, why would you hit 1 million of your followers?

In 2024 Al Gore decided to run for president again.

His campaign hinged on a song he made to promote the dangers of global warming. It was so popular it became a meme.

After a while, everyone was talking about Al Gore, and, sure enough he became President.

When asked on the News, "How do you think he won," two fallen YouTubers stated, "...

What did the vertigo afflicted YouTuber say to his subscribers?

Hey, what's up guys!?

I hate it when youtubers have really big tit...

les and I click on the video purely to see what they named their video

What do you call a YouTuber who's really satisfied with life?

A content creator

YouTubers love "The Legend of Zelda"...

There's almost always a Link in the description.

What is a youtuber’s favorite line?

Leave it in the comments down below.

When do Youtubers know it’s time to retire?

When they get 401k likes

How do youtubers get in swimming pools?

They just *jump into it*

I went to a Youtuber's funeral recently but unfortunately the casket fell over...

Best unboxing video ever.

Why was the youtuber so good at handling cows?

Because he was used to milking content.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What's the difference between a Youtuber and a hooker?

Both are getting fucked, but the hooker's still getting paid.

Who's a great YouTuber, but a terrible cook?

Bo Burnham.

I remember when a YouTuber's main aim was to entertain

Now they're all diss-track-ted

What do you call a lizard that hates fortnite youtubers?

An Ali-hater.

A Youtuber got extremely famous for catching lots of fish with only a computer mouse...

Turns out it was just clickbait.

Who is Trump's favorite YouTuber?


Which demon is the average YouTuber most afraid of?



I don't know, but if you upvote and comment down below you will be entered to win a level 40 Pokémon Go account with shiny Pokémon and all types of Pokémon!!

A YouTuber becomes a doctor...

This surgery is sponsored by Blue Apron!

YouTuber goes to suicide forest.

Kills channel

Annoying Youtubers are like flies

They bother you for too long, you SWAT them.

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