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[NSFW] A New Male Server in Texas was Arrested for Unsolicited Sex. His reasoning?

โ€œWell, I asked her what I could get her and she said, Mountain Dew Me, and so I did her right there.โ€

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This guy sent me an unsolicited picture of his penis.

What a dick!

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I have been sending pictures of my buddy Richard to random people,

So far no one has responded to my unsolicited Dick Pics. I don't even get what the fun is supposed to be about sending these.

What surprise did the artist give to the nun?

Unsolicited diptychs

What do girl dogs hate getting?

Unsolicited stick pics

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Donald Trump watched the solar eclipse from the White House

President Trump was at the White House when one of his Secret Service agents spoke up.

"Mr President, the eclipse is about to happen. If you wear these glasses and look into the sky, you should see it shortly."

Donald Trump, not one for unsolicited advice, declines the glasses but none...

This joke may contain profanity. ๐Ÿค”

I sent a new girl I'm seeing a picture of my buddy Richard in the middle of the night

She didn't appreciate an unsolicited Dick pic...

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