A blonde is throwing out an entire trash bag of empty shampoo bottles.

Her neighbor approaches her and says, "wow. that's a lot of shampoo bottles." She says, "of course! I go through one bottle a day. Just following directions." The neighbor, perplexed, says, "what do you mean? Following directions?" The blonde says, "well it says to 'Rinse, Lather, And Repeat' but it...

I'm done buying trash bags...

I always just end up throwing them away anyways

LPT: Use a name brand shopping bag as a trash bag while traveling in Europe

Once the bag is full, take some photos of your surroundings looking away from the shopping bag. By the time you look back, you no longer will have trash to get rid of.

I asked my neighbours if they knew who's the idiot that keeps leaving his trash bags in the elevator.

They didn't so for now I'm gonna keep doing that.

Trash bags are something you buy to throw away.

They seem waste-full.

What do you call garbage wrapped in small trash bags?


A cashier rings up a box of trash bags for a customer...

Customer: "I don't know why I keep buying these things, I just end up throwing them out anyways."


Ever feel useless.... Just remember we buy trash bags jst to throw it away

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How do you know if two elephants were having sex in your backyard?

Your fence is knocked down and one of your Hefty trash bags is missing.

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Three men arrive in Heaven at the same time.

As they approach the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter appears before them.

"The rules are simple: to get into Heaven, first you have to tell me how you die. If I'm satisfied with your story, you can come in."

The first man steps forward.

"Imagine this. You come home to your sixth-floo...

A man was talking with a doctor about the best material for a homemade mask

Man - Doc, what is the best material to use for a homemade mask?

Doctor- If you must make one at hone I’d recommend an old shirt. Although buying a N95 would be the best.

Man- What would be the worst things to use?

Doctor- Obviously anything that would smother you for example, ...

A little old lady and a sack full of $20's

A little old lady was walking down the street, dragging two large trash bags behind her. One of the bags was ripped, and every once in a while a $20 fell out onto the sidewalk.

Noticing this, a policeman stopped her and said, "Ma'am, there is money falling out of your bag."

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I understand why Bethesda gave customers a nylon bag instead of a canvas one, I really do.

They gave us a trash bag to put their shitty game in.

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A man went to see a psychiatrist...

Upon inquiry, the man told the psychiatrist that he has a problem with cursing.

"In order to properly gauge the severity of your problem, I want you to go home and get a jam or pickle jar. Each time you curse, I want you to put a penny in that jar. Come back to me tomorrow morning with th...

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