What did the Mongol invaders say to the Hungarians when they suddenly appeared and attacked?

"Should have watched your steppe."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A rabbit is running through the steppe when he meets a giraffe which is rolling a joint.

"No giraffe, you don't have to smoke that. Just come running with me!", it says to the giraffe. After thinking a few seconds, the giraffe happily joins the rabbit.

After a while they meet an elephant which is about to sniff some cocain. "No elephant, you don't have to sniff that. Just come ru...

How did the Mongol empire become so large?

One steppe at a time

Genghis Khan was vicious from an early age.

I remember when he took his first steppe.

What do you call a Mongolian man with children?

A steppe dad

Once upon a time

...there was a Chieftain who presided over a community that lived in the steppe, where everything was grassland as far as the eye could see, and almost no trees grew. Because of its rarity, wood was prized, and this Chieftain happened to own a large, ornate chair made of wood that was his most price...

A Polish guy finds a lamp buried in the sand

As per usual, a genie comes out and offers him three wishes.

The Polish guy things for a moment and says, "I wish for all of Ghengis Khan's armies to go rampaging across the steppes to the border of Poland, then turn around and go home."

"All right," the genie says, "Done. What's your ...

How did the Mongols get to Europe?

Steppe by steppe.

How did Genghis Khan conquer Mongolia?

One steppe at a time.

A German soldier finds a magic lamp.

He rubs it and from it a genie appears
-my boy you have 3 wishes think about if carefully
-first wish I want a good winter clothing
A blinding light appears and he is wearing a heavy coating
-second wish my friend
-I want a 8 inches ducks
-this will be a hard one
The German sold...

A Russian artist was drawing a landscape and he messed up...

...so he had to retrace his steppes.

What type of music do people listen to in the grasslands?


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