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What is the capital of Mongolia?

Wool and butter.

How do you call an australian who is a spiritual leader and a ruler in mongolia ?

A Khan Guru

Want my opinion on Mongolia?

It has it's pros and Khans
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How did Genghis Khan conquer Mongolia?

One steppe at a time.

If you ever feel down, always remember

Mongolia has a Navy

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Geography of a woman

Between the ages of 15-18, a woman is like China. Developing at a sizzling rate with a lot of potential but as yet still not free or open.Between the ages of 18-21, a woman is like Africa or Australia. She is half discovered, half wild and naturally beautiful. Between the ages of 21-30, a woman is l...

A Polish guy finds a lamp buried in the sand

As per usual, a genie comes out and offers him three wishes.

The Polish guy things for a moment and says, "I wish for all of Ghengis Khan's armies to go rampaging across the steppes to the border of Poland, then turn around and go home."

"All right," the genie says, "Done. What's your ...

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The New Samurai

The head samurai of Japan has died, the Emperor is searching for a replacement. He puts out word that all should try out to become the next head of the samurai. 3 men show up, a Samurai from China, a Swordsman from Mongolia and a Jewish samurai. The emperor greats the Chinese samurai and tell him to...

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