What did Microsoft say so everyone could trust them?

You have our word.

The face of a child can say so much...

Especially the part with the mouth.

If you're a teenage girl and you need to visit the mall to get supplies for art class, just say so.

Don't turn to your dad as you leave the house and say "I'm going to the mall to get felt."

The Cow Did

There was this poor Irish family, a father, mother, and their 3 sons, living on this old dirt farm. The only thing they had that was worth anything was their old milk cow. It gave a lot of high grade milk and when they’d milk it they’d take it to make milk and cheese and take the excess to sell and ...

A giraffe walks into a bar

A giraffe walks into a bar and orders a bottle of Coors Light. "Long neck?" the bartender asks. "Some say so," the giraffe replies.

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