A critic reserves a table at a popular restaurant

It's quite posh, but the restaurant's real claim to fame is the speed of service.

Sure enough, everything flows like clockwork. The diner is seated shortly after arriving, and a waiter arrives quickly to take his order.

While he's waiting for food, the man kids around the restaurant. T...

The 13 Inch Tall Pianist

***FYI:* My grandma (yes, my grandma) originally told me this joke. So I don't actually know where it originally originates from.**

A man walks into a bar with a tiny piano and a miniature man little over 1 ft. tall playing a tune on the little piano. Everyone in the bar looks over, amazed an...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Lodger

Doris and Fred had started their retirement years and decided to raise some extra cash by advertising for a lodger in their terrace house.

After a few days, a young attractive woman applied for the room and explained that she was a model working in a near-by city center studio for a few week...

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