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What is a white nationalists favourite porn site ?

Only Klans

Chatting with a Russian Nationalist

Russian: Mark my words the glorious Russian army will be marching into Lviv by December.

Me: Anything's possible I guess, marching will definitely be the course of action I don't think Russia has any tanks left, but I'm not sure if they have any POW camps in Lviv.

What do European Nationalists say when they see something disgusting?

AI Image Generator

A communist, a nationalist, and a Ba'athist are on a plane... | A popular Syrian joke

**Disclaimer**: The Ba'ath Party (tr. *revival party)* is the murderous ruling party of Syria (and at one point, Iraq as well), famous for their torture, human rights violations, and surveillance of Syrians.

On a flight somewhere in the Middle East, the pilot declares that the plane is overlo...

A white nationalist walks into a bar.

He sits sullenly at the bar amidst a sea of minorities and sighs heavily. The bartender comes around and asks what he can get for him.

The white nationalist replies: "Can I get a country where I can live among people from my own ancestry? It is like this nation isn't even mine anymore. We ...

White Nationalist should honor the true legacy Robert E. Lee

And surrender.

Hear about the Canadian Nationalists?

Their slogan is "We're not sorry anymore"

What is a Irish nationalists favourite cartoon?

Fenians & Ferb

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A Slovak oligarch, Japanese nationalist, communist and a pirate meet in a parliament...

This isn't a joke. It's Czech Republic.

This one's not racist... It's nationalist. That makes it better, right?

Four guys are standing on a street corner. An American, a Russian, a Chinese man and an Israeli.

A reporter comes up and says "Excuse me... What's your opinion on the meat shortage?"

The American says: "What's a shortage?"

The Russian says "What's meat?"

The C...

What do vegan white nationalists chant at rallies?

Sieg-Kale, Sieg-Kale!

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During the late thirties the Nazi party hosted a friendly soccer game versus England. The Nazi's star goalkeeper was Hans Bratvender.

Late in the game Hans, overcome with Nationalist pride, turned to face the Chancellor's private box, stood to attention and gave a Nazi salute.

At that moment, the English forward kicked from outside the goal crease, and scored what would be the winning goal.

When asked later to explai...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I'm getting real tired of people comparing Trump to Hitler.

I mean, I get it: they both appeal to the radical far right Uber-nationalists and blame problems on minority groups but whatever, it's getting out of hand. Grow up and show some damn respect!Hitler at least actively served in the military and didn't get a deferment.

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