One thing that you shouldn't say to Marie Antoinette

You left my head hanging in shame

How are Marie Antoinette, Princess Peach, and GLaDOS alike?

They all lie about there being cake.

Marie Antoinette was surprised when she found out how she was being executed

Her Face dropped

What did the book critic say about the book about the death of Marie Antoinette?

Great execution.

What did Marie Antoinette say on my Reddit anniversary?

Let them eat cake day!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So, apparently, Marie Antoinette was really good at oral sex...

In fact, the entire Third Estate wanted her head!

Why did Marie Antoinette travel the world?

Where else would she beheaded?

Let them eat Cake

Marie Antoinette started the body positivity movement. Quite revolutionary.

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