What did the Captain yell when he saw the mariachi band?


A Mexican, an American, and a Chinese are in a plane.

A Mexican man, an American man, and a Chinese man are in a plane. All of a sudden the plane starts to go down because there is too much weight. The 3 men decide to throw away some of the things in the plane. They each throw away things that there are lots of in their country. The Chinese man say "I ...

What do you call a mariachi band with one member?

A Juan man band.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Mexican Restaurant.

I was working in South Texas on the border, and my coworker and I decided to drive in to Mexico to watch an authentic bullfight. It was in a small, semi-pro ring. We watched amateurs and semi pro matadors fighting, and actually killing, the bulls. It was brutally fascinating. The final fight was...

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