This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A guy and a girl go out on a date.. It's going so well, SHE invites him back to her place. They do the horizontal mambo late into the night. Around sunrise, she leaps up in a panic.

"What!? what!?" says the man.

"I forgot to ask you, you don't have AIDS, do you!?" she asks.


"Whew! I don't wanna get that shit again."

Why can’t the guy singing “Mambo No. 5” can’t decide between all these women?

Because Begas can’t be choosers.

Barry likes the number five.

He is the fifth child in his family, lives on the fifth house on Fifth Avenue, so much so that he sees 5 as his lucky number.

One day he went to the races, and saw a horse named Mambo Number Five. He went ahead and placed a huge bet, confident that it'll win him big money.

It finished...

Cop sees several cars parked in the dark, rocking side to side.

He goes up to the 1st car and knocks on the window. A brunette rolls down the window and says: "It's ok officer, we are just doing the Samba."
Cop goes to the 2nd car and knocks, a redhead rolls down the window and says: "It's ok officer, we are just doing the Mambo.
Cop goes on to the 3...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Two guys crash land on an island full of cannibals...

They get captured and dragged back to a village, where the cannibal chief then comes out and says, "You outsiders have trespassed upon my island! For this you must face: Death, or MAMBO!"

The two guys don't understand and ask, "What's mambo?"

The chief replies, "Mambo is every man in t...

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