What do they call a male chicken in britain?


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(NSFW) So I bought some new male chickens to put on my farm. I just got them home today.

It was a successful cock transplant.

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"Why are you telling me this story about a male chicken?" I asked the bartender, confused.

He just looked at me and replied, "You asked for a cock tale, sir."

What do you call a castrated male chicken that runs an illegal moonshine business?

Al Capon

Why are firetrucks red?

Why are firetrucks red?
Well because firetrucks have six wheels, six is half a dozen. Usually when someone is using half a dozen and a dozen, they are referring to eggs. Eggs come from chickens, a male chicken is a rooster, roosters are often on steeples, steeples are are tall, like a mast on a ...

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Farmer's Dilemma

A farmer had some wolves take out a couple of his best young chickens, a pullet (young female chicken) and a cock (male chicken). He heard that his neighbor down the road had a few fine chickens for sale so he decided to walk over to see if he could strike a deal.

The farmer arrives at his n...

A boy asks his father what a female chicken is called.

His dad answers "A hen, son."
"And a male chicken?" asks the boy. "They're called a rooster."
"How about a baby chicken?" to which his dad answers "A chick."
"So dad, what's a chicken?"

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