What do whales like to draw with?

A-krill-ic paint.

How does Donald Trump feel about the trade war with China?


What do a missile silo and an Alaskan outhouse have in common?

They both contain IC BMs.

What does Dr. Pepper have his PhD in?

Theoretical fizz-ics.

What did the musician say as he got kidnapped?

"I'm in treble!"

Persians are funny...

...Their jokes are always so Iran-ic.

What do you call a sports competition for the crippled?

The O*limp*ics

Can a dinosaur tell a joke?

You bet jur-ass-ic can!

Two 5th graders are doing Math homework.

One tells the other, "I don't know what 99 is in Roman numerals."

The other lowers her glasses and says, "IC."

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