Stop spreading the fake news that women are forced to wear hijabs.

It's their free choice between wearing them or getting stoned to death.

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What is a Japanese guy wearing a burqa (hijab) called?

A ninja

A Muslim lady was denied entrance into Mcdonalds today until she removes her hijab....

Should have gone to Burka king.

An Arab girl asked me if I wanted a hijab..

I said, ”Sure. But I don’t think that’s how it’s pronounced”.

About wearing the hijab...(x-post from /r/Islam)

I grew up in a fairly religious household and my parents are both practicing, despite that the hijab was never really something we talked about. My mom keeps a dupatta and wears hijab and burqa when she goes outside but she never taught me to wear it or ever enforced it on me. Recently, I started we...

How does a Muslim boxer keep his distance?


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[NSFW] Muslim girls don't give blowjobs

They give Hijabs

A blonde walks into an appliance store.

She asks the clerk " Hi, how much is that pink Television?" the clerk replies "Sorry, but we don't sell to blondes". She screams discrimination but eventually accepts defeat and walks out.She dyes her hair black, wears sunglasses and goes back the next day, "What's the price for that pink Television...

Muslim women are the best fighters.

Not only can they attack with their low jabs, they can attack with their hijabs.

I make a living cleaning Muslim women's head coverings.

It's a dirty hijab, but someone's gotta do it.

What does a pot smoking boxer and a Muslim woman have in common?

A Hijab

Why was the middle eastern woman unemployed?

Cuz she quit hijab.


Q: What did the employed Muslim say to the unemployed atheist?

A: Get a hijab

A walk in the park

A Muslim man was walking in a park with his 5 wives. All of his wives were in hijab.

A little boy was playing with a ball in the same park. Inadvertently, the boy hits his ball towards the Muslim man. The man smiles and says "You can take the ball".
Just a glance of this Muslim man made t...

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