What do you cal halal cured meats?


So I was eating out at a steak house the other night when some guy complained that the sign said Halal...

He said his beef should be killed the **American way**, to that all I could think is does he really expect a cow to enrol in a high school just to get shot by one of its peers?

I found a way to make cured sausage halal for Muslims to eat.

I offered it to an Imam for testing. He takes a bite and says "Ah, Salami okay, yum!"

What did the halal lettuce say to the halal cucumber ?

Lets make salat

What do you call a Muslim pepper?

A halal-peno.

I’m sorry.

People in China eat all kinds of crazy foods

But for some reason they only take halal organ donors

Lionel Ritchie

So Lionel Ritchie has just opened up his own chain of Muslim butcher shops.
His slogan is gonna be... Halal!! Is it meat you're looking for

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

These puns are Capital!

So I had a productive day at work coming up with these Capital City puns a year ago today. Thought they were too good not to share!

Why did the Geordie arrange a holiday to Romania?

To book a rest!

Bob Mortimer was speaking to his comedy partner's wife saying he wanted to take h...

Which rapper is the most acceptable to Muslims?

Halal Cool J

What do you call a Muslim guy who won’t date fat chicks?

Shallow Halal.

A Pakistani took over a BBQ restaurant, staff left and were replaced by a guy who did not know much English

When asked about what they did the guy defensively claimed "Only halal service. We separated, slaughtered and grilled ourselves"

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