The Grave of the fireflies was such a good movie..

Can't wait more to watch the second part.

I tried to catch a bunch of fireflies last night but they escaped the container

It was ajar

What's the difference between Fireflies and BMW Drivers.

Fireflies use their blinkers.

Did you know that fireflies are the smartest insect?

They're the brightest one.

Why do the police hate teenage fireflies?

They never stop lighting up.

Why do hot air ballons use burners and not steam?

Because Fireflies and Waterfalls

A boy went to visit his grandfather that lived deep in the mountains... [long]

He hadn't seen his grandfather in quite some time, not since his grandmother's funeral a few years back at least. So, deciding that it would do their son well to visit the old man for the summer, his parents packed him up and sent him to go stay with the old man for the summer.

So, upon h...

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