Yo mama so fat

she looked at the menu and said OK

Your mamma’s so fat

She uses the large hadron collider as a hula hoop

My doctor told me I have to stay away from trans fats.

I told him it's none of his business who I date.

Yo mama's so fat


Yo momma soooo fat

she entered a fat contest and they said "sorry no professionals."

Yo mama is so fat

She went out in high heels, and came back in flip flops

Yo momma's so fat

She has to use a boomerang to get her belt on

Yo mama got so fat

She is now forever banned from hitching a ride to the Mediterranean on the #EverGiven

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Your momma so fat

She posts on Grubhub instead of Pornhub

It feels like there is a new diet fad every other day

everyone is so concerned about trans fats but I think we should respect fat people and let them identify however they want

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