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What's the secret to your happy marriage?

The future son in law asks his future father in law.

He replies:

Well son, I took my new wife to the Grand canyon for our honeymoon. We rented mules to go down into the canyon. About a ¼ mile in the mule my betrothed was on steped into a hole on the trail and almost threw her. She whis...

A man and a woman are on their way to their wedding...

They get into a terrible car crash and are killed instantly. They find themselves standing in front of St. Peter at the pearly gates. St. Peter says "welcome! You have both lived good lives and are welcome into heaven!"

The man says, "That's wonderful, but we were on our way to our wedding to...

I wish women would stop asking me to treat them like princesses.

My alliances are strong and their heirs are betrothed.

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