Mike Tyson is playing Jeopardy and the clue is "The part of a flower's stamen where pollen is produced".

He's the first to buzz in. Alex Trebek calls on him:

Alex: "Mike?"

Mike: "What is the answer?"

Alex: "You can't ask me, Mike. You have to give me the answer."

Mike: "I am! What is the answer?"

Alex: "You have to give *us* the answer to the clue, Mike, we can't tell...

If you don't know how to answer a question on a flower biology test...

You can always guess the anther

A big man walks into a bar

A big man walks into a bar with a drop dead gorgeous woman on one arm & a little short man sitting on his other shoulder. He orders 2 double margaritas, pays with a $100 bill and tells the bartender to keep the change. As the bartender sets down the drinks the little short man jumps off the big ...

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