Is your name Jasmine?

Because you've always got Aladdin side you.

A teacher is teaching, when a boy comes to class late.

Teacher: Why are you late?

Boy: I was on Jasmine Hill, Miss.

*A second boy and a girl come in*

Teacher: (to boy 2) Why are you late?

Boy 2: I was on Jasmine Hill, Miss.

Teacher: (to girl) I guess you were on Jasmine Hill as well.

Girl: No, Miss. I am Jasmine...

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What is Jasmine Tridevil's (girl with 3 boobs), favorite type of cake?

Tres Leches!

A police officer is eating chicken with rice, sitting across from a stranger

While eating he says, "Boy do I sure love Jasmine rice."

The stranger sitting across from him says, "That's not Jasmine rice, it's Basmati."

The police officer replies, "Are you sure? Do you mind if I ask you some questions about it?"

To which the stranger responds, "No, I know ...

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What do you like, mom?

Son: Mom why is my cousin named Jasmine?

Mom: Because your aunt likes flowers.

Son: Mom what do you love?

Mom: Dick, stop asking so many questions.

Jimmy comes home looking very happy...

Jimmy comes home looking very happy and says to his father, "Daddy, I fell in love want to date this awesome girl."

His father replies, "That's great son. Who is she?"

"It's Sandra, the neighbour's daughter.", replies Jimmy.

The father then looks a bit sad and says, "Ohhh I w...

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[Long]A Theoretical Physicist is working diligently in his office at Columbia University.

With him is one of his graduate students minding her own business grading some of the first year students term papers. He is generally motionless except for the waggling of his pencil on the notebook he's doing sums in and the occasional pause to take a sip of his Jasmine tea.

All of a sudde...

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