Is your name Jasmine?

Because you've always got Aladdin side you.

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Use The Camel

Having joined the French Foreign Legion, Pierre focused on becoming the best soldier he could. Day in, day out he trained; long marches with full pack, hand to hand combat, shooting range etc... but even all this activity couldn't take away the yearning he had, after all he was a young viral man. T...

Jimmy comes home looking very happy...

Jimmy comes home looking very happy and says to his father, "Daddy, I fell in love want to date this awesome girl."

His father replies, "That's great son. Who is she?"

"It's Sandra, the neighbour's daughter.", replies Jimmy.

The father then looks a bit sad and says, "Ohhh I w...

Princess Jasmine used the carpet to get into America

She was deported after 2 days because, obviously, she wasn't Aladdin the country

A teacher is teaching, when a boy comes to class late.

Teacher: Why are you late?

Boy: I was on Jasmine Hill, Miss.

*A second boy and a girl come in*

Teacher: (to boy 2) Why are you late?

Boy 2: I was on Jasmine Hill, Miss.

Teacher: (to girl) I guess you were on Jasmine Hill as well.

Girl: No, Miss. I am Jasmine...

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What is Jasmine Tridevil's (girl with 3 boobs), favorite type of cake?

Tres Leches!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you like, mom?

Son: Mom why is my cousin named Jasmine?

Mom: Because your aunt likes flowers.

Son: Mom what do you love?

Mom: Dick, stop asking so many questions.

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