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I saw the worst British porno from the 60s, it was totally filthy and unsanitary...

Carrion up your Khyber.

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Sometimes I hear people say eating ass is unsanitary, and I think to myself...

Not if you wash your hands, stupid.

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If tampons are sanitary napkins...

How unsanitary must regular napkins be?

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A guy walks into a pizza joint.

The host sits him at a table. The kitchen is in open view so the customer observes the head chef getting the pizza dough ready. The chef has his shirt unbuttoned halfway down and is tossing the dough high up in the air and letting it fall down his chest and he catches it as it rolls down.


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Three men walking through a desert: a very dirty joke !

So there were three men walking through a desert, no food or water, when they come across an old, decrepit house. They knock on the door in hopes to find someone kind enough to spare some food and water. The person that answered was a vile, disgusting, and unsanitary old woman. It smells and looks a...

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