Tiger Woods issues statement to Reddit regarding tasteless comments about his emergency knee surgery in r/Jokes.

"I won't stand for this"

People say dead baby jokes are tasteless

but I know you just have to use the right seasonings.

Ok, so this one is a bit tasteless. So be forewarned.


I made a very tasteless joke at an alopecia convention...

...fortunately it didn’t raise any eyebrows.

COVID jokes aren't funny

They're downright tasteless.

I’d make a COVID joke.

But it would be tasteless.

I was going to tell you a tasteless chemistry joke

But all the good ones argon

Unpopular opinion: Fetus Deletus is a tasteless joke

Unlike abortions, which are packed with flavour. Merry Christmas.

I've had enough of all the COVID-19 jokes

They are all tasteless

Another tasteless joke about Alzheimer's?

Forget it.

Just tasteless

A man gets the words "I LOVE YOU" tattooed on his crank.

His wife tells him "Quit putting words in my mouth!"

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why do people say chicken is tasteless?

Every time my wife cooks some it tastes like shit.

[Tasteless] Lost my great uncle in the Holocaust

Dumbass fell off the guard tower.

What's your favorite tasteless 9-11 joke?

Here's mine.

Knock knock.

Who's there?


911 who?

You said you'd never forget

Yo momma's so tasteless

She could be served on an airplane.

Tasteless V D humor

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've got a hard on
You know what to do

I made a Corona virus joke the other day

People said it was tasteless.

I told a joke about carbon monoxide poisoning to my family.

They said it was very tasteless.

I like making jokes about vegetarians...

but never about tofu, that's just tasteless.

Holocaust jokes arent funny

anne frankly, I think they're tasteless.

I’m strongly against elephant poaching.

It makes the meat stringy and tasteless, roasting at a medium heat for 40 minutes per pound yields a much better result.

When traveling through nature, it's always smart to bring a seasoned hiker with you.

It's a well known fact that bears find unseasoned hikers bland and tasteless.

I have this horrible tofu joke I'm afraid to post...

It's really tasteless.

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs hanging from your living room wall?


What if he also had no tongue?

Tasteless art.

How do you make Holy Water?

You boil the hell out of it.

(credit to Tasteless)

Bullfighting novice

A tourist goes to Spain wanting to see some bullfights. After attending a full day of it, he fells quite hungry and goes to a little restaurant just by the bullfighting stadium. The special of the day are the meatballs, which he orders without much enthusiasm. Just some meatballs in a small restaur...

It’s too soon for coronavirus jokes.

They’re tasteless. And smell-less.

Your dark humor is like clean drinking water

It’s tasteless.

You shouldn't joke about people without tongues.

They're pretty tasteless.

Did you hear about the guy who got his tongue cut out by the mafia?

Never mind. It's a tasteless joke.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man wakes up

A man wakes up in a dimly lit room with three doors. On each door, there is a picture of a different type of food. The first door has a picture of eggs, second has a picture of cereal and the third has a picture of beans.

The man decides to try the first door, so he opens it. Behind it is a ...

I was going to buy my friend a bottle of water for Christmas.

And then I realized, that would be tasteless.

Have no new jokes been created in the world?

This subreddit reminds me of a joke since I've heard all the jokes here before. I was once a frequenter of alt.tasteless.jokes so know them all...yes, I was reading jokes when most of you were just an itch in your daddy's pants...

A man decides to have a game of golf and comes across a group...

A beautiful woman is like the perfect shot of vodka

Transparent, ice cold, and utterly tasteless.

What do Donald Trump and Goldfish have in common?

They're both tasteless orange crackers

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