What did they name Game of Thrones' first stock exchange?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A NYC cab driver is en route to pick up a passenger at the stock exchange

On his way, he keeps door-checking stock traders as he goes by, laughing his ass off.

As he pulls up, he notices his customer is a priest, so he internally curses - he can't keep hitting stock brokers while he's got a man of God in the car with him.

They exchange pleasantries and leave...

A guy finds a lamp, gets a wish and asks to become very lucky.

He starts finding money, he wins the lottery, never loses whatever bet he makes.
Get lucky with ladies, with people, with stock exchange.
His luck starts to make him lonely, all his friends are tired of it. His wife leaves him.

One night, after getting kicked out of the casino...

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