Why do vampires never create new businesses?

They're afraid of the stakeholders

(A joke I just made up)

Today in my business class, the teacher asked us what a stakeholder was.

Apparently, Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn't the right answer.

Why do vampires make terrible businessmen?

>!They can't deal with stakeholders!<

A bunch of vampire hunters needed to talk

So they scheduled a stakeholders meeting

I've set up a company to rid people of vampires.

I'm the main stakeholder.

Why was the vampire removed as CEO?

He couldn't appeal to the stakeholders.

I recently signed on as a partner at this vampire hunting firm.

I'm a stakeholder now.

Dracula says he doesn't want to become an investment banker..

He said he hates stakeholders.

Seminar topic at the annual vampire conference

"How to Deal with Stakeholders"

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