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A German hippie and an English hippie are sitting by a campfire. The German passes round a bottle of schnapps.

So the Englishman reaches into his stash, rolls a fattie and hands it over, the German smokes it and thanks him politely: "*Danke*".

So the Englishman reaches deeper into his stash, rolls another fattie and hands it over, the German smokes it and thanks him politely: "*Danke*".

So the ...

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Uncle Fritz

Jim and Joanne were finally going to tie the knot. They planned everything out, reserved the chapel and the reception hall, and wrote out their guest list. As they were finalizing the seating chart, Jim looked at Joanne and said, "Honey, I know you aren't going to like this, but we are going to have...

I’ve just invented a new drink.

It’s has Irish whiskey, German schnapps, French cognac, English beer, and American bourbon.

I call it the Titonic.

While it sounds strange, add ice and it goes down quickly.

What is Thanos's favorite alcoholic beverage?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

It was a snowy Christmas Eve, many years ago, and Santa Claus was having a bad night.

The elves had been hard hit by a terrible sneezing virus. Many of the toys had to be cleaned off with sanitary wipes, and production was days behind schedule.

Then Mrs. Claus surprised Santa with some good news. "My mother is coming to visit, and she can stay the whole week!"


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