What do you get when you mix a duck and a cow?

Milk and quackers

I developed a new crunchy snack made out of duck bills.

I call them Quackers.

What's a ducks favorite snack?

Cheese and QUACKERS!

After a long day of duck hunting I was famished... so I decided to sit down, put my feet up, and have my favorite snack...

Cheese and quackers.

What do you call a crate full of ducks?

A box of quackers

I used to own a duck farm

But I had to sell it.

It was driving me quackers

What do fashionable ducks use to make s'mores?

Glam Quackers

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

4-year-old's joke: What is a duck's favorite snack? Peanut butter (context in comments)

We told my four-year-old a joke: What is a duck's favorite snack? Quackers! HA!

He asked, "Quackers?" *confused* "Like, peanut butter and crackers?" "Sure, like peanut butter and crackers."

*runs into other room, calling his grandfather* "Pop Pop! What is a duck's favorite snack?...

What did the Gangster say to the duck?

What’s up quacker?

I’ve got a great recipe for popcorn stuffed duck.

It’s called Quacker Jacks

At the mall today I saw a toddler gnawing on a small rubber duck.

I asked him if it tasted like quackers.

A duck walks into a bar, hops up on the bar, waddles down to the bartender, and asks...

... "Got any quackers?"

The barman looked at the duck for a second, then said "No, Besides, you're a duck. It's a health code violation for you to be in here, so get out before I call animal control."

The duck leaves, but comes back the next day. Same situation: "Got any quackers?"

So a duck walks into a hardware store...

Duck: Got any quackers?

Clerk: Sorry sir, this is a hardware store. We don't sell crackers.

So the duck leaves and comes back again the next day

Duck: Got any quackers?

Clerk: Sorry sir, like I told you yesterday, this is a hardware store, we don't sell crackers.

Does a one legged duck swim in circles?

What time does a duck wake up in the morning?
-At the quack of dawn!!!

A duck walks into a bar and orders a drink. then tells the bartender:
-just put it on my bill!!!!

What's a duck's favorite snack?
-Cheese and quackers!!!

What did the duck say after hearing one of my...

What do you get when you cross 2 ducks and a match?

Fire Quackers

What does a duck like to have for breakfast?

Quacker Oats

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