What animal goes baa-woof!

A sheepdog.

If cows go moo and sheep go baa, what do pigs say?

I'll make America great again

I just bought the personalized license plate BAA BAA...

For my black jeep...

A sheep walks into a baa

You’re welcome

Where does a sheep get a haircut from?

the baa\-baa shop

What do you call the horse and sheep who live next door?

Your neigh-baas

A lamb, a drum, and a snake fall off a cliff.


What do you call a sheep covered in chocolate?

A candy baa

What sound does a sheep, drum, and snake make when they hit the ground?

Baa Dum Tss

A mother had three sons: Leaf, Feather and Brick.

Leaf came one day to his mom and said: "Mom, why did you call me Leaf?"

"Well son, ", replied his mom, "When you were born a leaf fell on your head and it was so cute and I couldn't hold myself from naming you like that".

Years passed and Feather came one day to his mom and said: "Mom...

Where is a sheeps favourite place to drink?

At their local baa.

Why did Ebenezer shove mints up a sheeps ass?

baa! humbug

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Little Johnny's class were talking about animals on farms

"What kind of sound does a cow make?" the teacher asked.

Sarah raises her hand and after being called on says "A cow goes moo!"

"Very good Sarah. Who can tell me what sound a sheep makes?"

Billy raises his hand and after being called on says "A sheep goes baa!"


I went to uni to study aggriculture and cummunication of sheep.

I left with a BAA. Shortly after i started a nationwide census of sheep but fell asleep halfway thru.

What's a sheep's favourite holiday destination?

It's not the Baa-hamas... Its not Baa-li... Its not Baa-arbados...

It's Devon

What does a radical sheep say?

Allahu Ak-Baa!

How do you know when mutton has expired?

It tastes baa-d.

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