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A woman was cheating on her husband. Her husband came home early.

Her paramour had to quickly hide in the closet. When the husband and wife leave the bedroom together, the paramour thinks he's gotten away with it, but then he hears:

"Blimey, ain't it dark in here!"

( This happened to be in England. )

He realizes that their kid is also hiding i...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The Nigerian king

Agnes, a middle-aged New York widow is feeling very lonely one day, so she decides to bite the bullet and try internet dating. Her initial attempts don't go very well, as most of the contact she receives varies from dick pics to guys asking for nudes. She's about to give up when one day she's contac...

What is the difference between Heaven and Hell???

In Heaven the engineers are german, the police force is formed by englishmen, the cooks are french, the paramours are italians and the whole system is organized by the swiss.

In hell the engineers are french, the police force is formed by german people, the cooks are englishmen, the paramours...

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