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Why do they have air conditioning in paralysis hospitals?

To keep the vegetables fresh

Once in a small town, a man got a paralysis attack.

The doctor said he could possibly be bedridden for a long time. The expenses of the hospitalization put him and his wife in a bit of tension. Their son still had his entire life left in front of him. The son also looked very sad and scared.

The doctor, sympathized, and gave the son a lotto ti...

I now know the truth behind my sleep paralysis demon...

...it was trying to protect me from the movie cats.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

So my friend told me about sleep paralysis..

I said that sounds like a fucking nightmare.

I've been having constant sleep paralysis

In my last 3 dreams I was in a wheelchair

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Tom: I know a man who has been married for twenty-five years and he spends every evening at home.

Dick: That's what i call love.

Tom: The doctor called it paralysis.

A lamb hovered at the foot of my bed, then disappeared, as I lay frozen in fear.

Sometimes I get sheep paralysis.

A remake of an older joke.

My sadness after her death grew very great. I endured it far longer than most men could, for she was my life, my love, my everything. No amount of counseling could ever erase the pain she had left in my life. So one day I decided to end it all. I tied a noose around my neck, hoping I could see her i...

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