I would make a fungi fun-guy joke...

...but those are overused. Too bad there isn't mushroom for other fungus jokes.

What do you say to a guy who tells bad jokes about his overuse of depth of field focus techniques?

Bokeh Humor

Friend: Contractions are overused.

Me: That they’re.

Wanna hear an overused water joke?

No? Dam.

This one time, people completely overused a word and ruined it forever.

It was epic.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The young woman who submitted the tech support message presumably did it as a joke. Then she got a reply that was way too good to keep to herself.

The query:
Dear Tech Support,

Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed a distinct slowdown in overall system performance, particularly in the flower and jewelry applications and intimacy, which operated flawlessly under Boyfriend 5.0. In addition, Husband 1.0 unin...

Here's a short list of words that tend to be overused.

1. Overused

Why are Reddit jokes so overused?

I don't know, ask Dave.

Yo mama jokes are dumb, overused, and low quality.

Like yo mama.

The thing about ‘your mom’ jokes is that they’re old, overused, and not funny,


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Wife and I went to get her to the rapist.

She has a problem with my overuse of spaces

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Wanna hear an overused joke about necrophilia and bestiality?

You're just fucking a dead horse...

(Sorry if this is a repost, I heard this at school)

What's the most overused punchline on reddit?


A sailor walks into a bar and sits down next to a pretty woman.

Sailor: Do you like men in uniform?

Woman: I like the army and the air force, but sailors annoy me.

Sailor: Why's that?

Woman: They just overuse nautical terminology so much. That sort of thing is really irritating.

Sailor: I guess you're starboard about that. My wife sai...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do your jokes and your mom's vagina have in common?

They're both old and overused

An art student showing off their fanart at a Comicon...

An art student showing off their fanart at a Comicon is discussing their work with a customer, and comments: "I know I overuse red and blue, but I can't help it, it's my favorite color pair!"
A passerby asks: "Oh, is it?", and is then brutally executed by the surrounding nerds.

A Rabbi, a Preist, and a Monk walk into a bar

The Rabbi orders a drink and says, “I’m sick of hearing the same old jokes about us recycled over and over again” to which the Priest replies, “I completely agree! The template is just dragged out and overused. I’d like to see someone try to make a joke about the three of us in a bar that is new.” T...

My favorite lame joke

And God said unto John: Come forth, and you shall receive eternal life.
But john came fifth, and won a toaster.

I know, it's stupid and overused, but it's my favorite...

Sweet poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
This joke is overused,
Your sister, too.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The deer with no eyes.

This is an overused joke, but there is a third line I never see used, so I'll share it with you.

What do you call a deer with no eyes?
No eye deer.

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?
Still no eye deer.

What do you call an deer with no eyes, no legs and no di...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Buddhist monk walks upto a hotdog stand and says...

"Make me one with everything."

Despite this being an overused statement, the vendor serves him a hotdog as he is a customer. When the monk asks if he has 27 cents, the vendor replies "Change comes from within."

The monk then pulls out a pistol from his robe and shoots the vendor. Aft...

5 Tips To Improve Your Writing

1. Contractions aren't necessary.

2. Do not overuse exclamation points!!!!!!

3. Don't be redundant, because it can be boring to read the same things over and over again, just restated.

4. Do not appear condescending to your readers. "Condescending" means to look down upon someon...

Someone once asked me why I don't tell 'your mom' jokes...

I responded by saying that 'your mom' are so overused.
Just like your mom

Fishing not allowed.

Ok, so I remember one from my youth times, hope it´s not too overused. here it goes:

A man is fishing in a forbidden zone, with a clear sign showing, when a police truck pulls over to confront the man. Seeing the officer coming in his direction, he hides his fishing rod, and silently watches ...

Why does Dr. Pepper come in a bottle?

Because his wife left him 4 months ago

^^^^just ^^^^searched ^^^^and ^^^^realized ^^^^this ^^^^is ^^^^heavily ^^^^overused ^^^^and ^^^^reposted ^^^^I'm ^^^^sorry

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