My girlfriend likes golden meteor showers

(I have kidney stones)

A meteor shower destroyed the Red Cross headquarters.

All Perseids went to charity.

Would you like to go see a meteor shower?

What are you some kind of pervert?!?

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

If I watch a meteor shower

Does it feel violated?

(x-post shittyaskscience)

Friends invited me to a meteor shower party, but I couldn't make it.

They were crushed.

A man's wife comes home in a state of distress

One day a man is sitting at home when all of a sudden his wife bursts through the door in a state of distress

"What's wrong" he asks

"Well," his wife says " I was just walking home minding my own business when all of a sudden, sausages and bacon and steak starts to fall from the sky"...

Yo mama so fat, the only way she gets clean

is during a meteor shower

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

How would the Nazis have killed the dinosaurs?

With meteor showers.

TIL that dinosaurs used hot springs to take baths

But as time advanced they moved onto meteor showers.

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