I started a band called "1023 megabytes".

We still haven't got angig yet

I just downloaded Luis Suarez best moments video

It was only three megabytes

What did the megabyte say to the kilobyte when he punched him 1 million times?

That giga-hurts!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I got a bunch of laughs taffy’s on Saturday and thought I’d share

Q: Who was responsible for the lakes disarray

A: The loch mess monster

Q:Why did the girl have a tiny wooden infant

A: She wanted a whittle baby

Q: What type of data has a big bite

A: megabyte

Q: What can you catch but not throw

A: A cold

Q: Wh...

What is it called when a robot eats a sandwich in one chomp?

A megabyte.

I started downloading Jaws the other day

But after one megabyte, my computer died.

How do you eat a bitcoin?

With a megabyte.

My dog ate my computer’s hard drive.

He took a megabyte.

Why are computers so messy when they eat?

They take megabytes.

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